Instinct Is Your Best Tool

The most valuable tool a security officer or surveillance operator can have is excellent observational ability mixed with instinct. Simply put, they act when they suspect something is not right. In the surveillance industry, this is known as JDLR or “just don’t look right.”

The Umbrella Of JDLR

JDLR encompasses all the knowledge the observer has acquired from experience over the years. This typically includes experience observing others, the actual activity of observation at the casino, shopping malls, or anywhere with crowds of people, and wraps it into a large program that can immediately identify an issue.

The Casino Business

In the casino industry, employees tend to become comfortable and lose their attention to detail. Sharp observers tend to notice little things that are out of the ordinary. For instance, the five o’clock shadow of a woman sitting next to a whale or the player that is continually looking at the camera.

In many cases, these little oddities are nothing at all and have a simple explanation. However, the observer with JDLR notes these differences and looks a little further into the situation. Upon further investigation, they find the situation has a simple explanation and they move on. However, every so often the observer’s instinct is correct and they unveil the true identity or agenda of the individual in question.

Learned Skills

An occupation that requires repetitive motion consistently will develop a comfort zone where they do not have to think about the routine, it just occurs. For instance, a veteran dealer hesitating in the middle of a hand or dropping chips. This is a clear sign that dealer is thinking about their emotions and should be observed further. Perhaps they are having a bad day or perhaps they are stealing from the house.

A Normal Environment

One thing sharp observers learn is what a normal environment on the casino floor consists of. That helps them easily identify actions that just don’t look right and need further investigation.
Experience in the surveillance industry is like gold. The longer you have been there, the more you learn the actions of your guests and know and how to act accordingly. There are so many tricks and cheats that may not be detected by a new employee that a veteran can spot from a mile away. In surveillance, you need a sharp eye, proper training, and good experience to catch the perpetrators.